Terminal Font in BMFont(*.fnt) Format

Posted on July 28, 2011


I have been looking for an easy way to use Terminal in my programs. I tried using Perfect DOS VGA 437, but it didn’t support all of CP437’s characters. So I decided to find a bitmap version of Terminal, and ended up making one myself. First I pieced together a png image that contained all of the Code Page 437 characters, using a DF tileset and a screenshot of windows cmd as my sources. Then I wrote up a little program to output the bulk of the accompanying .fnt file to disk, filling up the rest by hand. As a final step I changed all character IDs from OEM to Unicode. You can download the files below. The .fnt file is in the same format as those generated by BMFont.

EDIT AUG 8: This font is used for ANSI art and ANSI games. 

 Download .ZIP

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