Posted on June 8, 2011


I began to implement Perlin noise yesterday. I had no clear idea of how to use a single noise function for all the octaves, so I abandoned (by Ken Perlin himself) and copied the noise function featured here. If you happen to know how to use the same function over and over without it becoming repetitious, and you feel like it, please tell me how.

Now, I think perlin noise is just about done. Haven’t tested the results yet, because it’s quite late in the day. I’m hoping to finish it off soon and move on to other things.

The world gen page was updated. Here’s a screencap:

It still retains bugs, like not letting me modify decimal values correctly. That has to be straightened out.

Important memo. I ran into nethack yesterday! Now you might be saying, how could I not know nethack whilst being a player of ADOM? After all, both are in the same genre, and both pretty popular. Let me just say that I hadn’t played it before because it seemed to be arcane and dry at that time. But after I saw (by chance) a wiki article on polymorph traps, I felt I had to play it! There are thousands of amusing hours to be had with this.

I also came across libtcod, a roguelike programming library. The features it boasted were quite intimidating! Too bad there isn’t a Java port. But on second thought, I might not use it even if there were a Java port, because I plan to learn all the necessary algorithms and concepts as I go.

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