May 31, 2011

Posted on May 31, 2011


I added in a bunch of game “states,” like the “world generation state” and the “options state.” None are fully implemented, but I’m getting there.

A data structure for keeping track of “visited” pages in-game has been added. Now navigation works the way it should.

Oh, and about the BMFonts I talked about, it didn’t work. The crossed fingers didn’t help a bit. What I needed was to render so-called “extended Unicode” characters with a bitmap font, but when I tested the fonts I hit a roadblock. AngelCodeFont(BMFont implementation) won’t accept characters above 255! This means I can’t render “extended” characters with AngelCodeFonts. What luck.

So rendering will be done completely with UnicodeFonts, which can print extended characters.

UPDATE: I’ve been working on the “world generation parameters” page. What I have got thus far:

Each parameter is editable using the keyboard.