Development of Pets Stellarium Begins.

Posted on May 17, 2011


Pets Stellarium… Star Pets. That’s just a fancy (and lame?) name I came up with using the help of Google Translate. Pets + roguelike + insane detail.

The name will likely be changed someday in the future.

I should add that I plan to create an ASCII-based game, that is a game using only characters of text. Its sources of inspiration include the awe-inspiring Dwarf Fortress (applause to Toady the Great), from which the idea to ASCII-ize the game burgeoned, and my favorite roguelike ADOM. As a passing note, this game also will utilize simple characters to draw absolutely everything (from the main menu to murky potions) in-game. ASCII-based games can seem a little bare and cryptic at first, but as you continue to play them you grow increasingly comfortable with seeing “@”s and “!” that stand for the Player Character and potions, respectively. They can engage your imagination without animations, images, and the whole shebang. When you ponder upon in-game descriptive phrases like “You feel a certain tension”, “You hear a strange TCHUNK within your vicinity”, “Teador Fuchyiach, Merchant, has gone berserk!”, and “Ivan Fialgos has gone stark raving mad!” they can seem more fun and sometimes more realistic than what commercial-quality, animated sprites could pull off.

Dwarf Fortress with a Graphical Tilset.

DF with a Basic Graphical Tileset

Basic project has been created with Slick and Eclipse. After a dire struggle trying to find the current directory and the right path for the place fonts were stored, I have produced the following satisfying result.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Dwarf Fortress.                 – Anonymous

There are tons of work to be done.

There are features in the Slick library I’m itching to try out, including transition effects and tile-based maps. Oh, and did I mention that this is practically my first real Java game? I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pray that I’ll have the moxie to stick with it.

Screenshot of Today's Tour de Force

State-Based Menu Sample Run